Old Truck in Yangshuo

The original rural life in China! True story~~

Chelsea In China

Old Truck in Yangshuo

I’m assuming it’s old. The rusty sides and steering wheel/dash area sure make it look old. I’m also assuming it’s a truck. For all I know it could be new(ish?) and more tractor than truck. What say you, Dad?
I briefly considered finishing my Tai Shan/Qufu post but decided that spending way too long in Photoshop is much more fun. But I felt obligated to at least post something tonight so here ya go. 🙂

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Gettting lost may lead to an another world. An very interesting view from a tourists. Nice pictures, touching stories.

Bottlecaps & Broken Bits

It was supposed to be sunny today, but there we were, huddled in a cave, and I could have been the victor of any wet-t-shirt contest this side of the Li River.

The rain was pounding. And wet. With big thick drops that will dominate your clothing in a matter of seconds.

We waited for a break then stepped back out into the gale, remounted our muddy bikes, and waded through the trail that had turned into a stream.

We were lost. Not completely — I did have my compass and knew which way the town was, but that’s no help when fields of rice and a river separated us from the town of Yangshuo. And we were too cheap, or stubborn, to rent out a bamboo raft to shuttle us and our gimpy bikes across the quickly rising river.

But, as with all these tales of getting lost, we…

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The Must-see Perfomance:Impression Liusanjie


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Impression liu sanjie(Lady Liu) is a creative lightening musical, with the world’s biggest

natural theater with mountains and water as the setting. This grand folk perfamance is directed by Zhang Yimou, a world-renowned Chinese film director.It is performed by local villagers and fishermen, particularly local minority groups as Zhuang and Yao.

The Chinese Famous Legend

The “Legend of Liu Sanjie” is well-known amid Chinese people. Liu Sanjie  is the singing goddess in the legend of ethnic group Zhuang.

In “Impresson—Sanjie Liu”, you won’t see the plots, the characters and the usual scenes, but rather a series of impressions, and those impressions are got from the landscapes and the ordinary life of the place, Because Sanjie Liu was born and bred from this magic land, her legend radiates the wonderful atmosphere of this place and naivety of the local people.

 The Perfomance

More than 600 actors who are local fishermen, will be dressed in different styles of Zhuang, Miao and Yao ethnic groups’ clothing, and will jointly sing folk songs, popular both at home and overseas. The magnificent background setting, artistic neon lighting, and celestial beauty of the show took the audiences’ breath away. The story is about a legendary figure Liu Sanjie who represents the beauty, love, and courage. Much has changed in the outside world, but people in this remote village are still singing the old songs… Time seems stagnant here.

Except for the perfect seven pictures, the performance also boasts both modern and classical music played by famous musicians of China. Additionally, there are in excess of 600 performers, all of whom are local people of the Li River. They present the reality of life for the people in Sanjie’s hometown through their primitive and wonderful performances.

The Natural Theater

The Lijiang Landscape Theater is located at the junction of the Li River and Tianjiahe River, facing the well-known shutong hill across the water. As audience of this theater , you can enjoy the performance(impression Sanjie Liu) in the stage stretched 2 kilometers long in the Li River with its degree angle-view. All lights and sound systems in the theater are designed by covert means, integrating with the nature. There are more than 2600 audience seats, among them, 2500 are ordinary seats, 100 are disguished guests, and 35 are vip seats.


 Mon. – Fri. the show normally starts at 20:00; weekends, Oct. 1 – Oct. 7 or the seven-day holidays during the Spring Festival, the show usually has two-time performances. The first time starts at 19:40, the second time starts at 21:00, but it may be in suspension in the heavy rain nights or before the month of the Spring Festival.

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Shining nightlife on the West Street


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The West Street in Yangshuo is often referred to as “Global Village”, since you can meet people from different parts of the world here. Tourists always gather here at night, dining, drinking, walking and shopping.


                                                                                                                                                                (Tourists gather in the West Street)

Tourists love the various bars and pubs here!  Drifters Cafe, Mei You Cafe, Jimmy’s Cafe and Bar are at the top of the “must-go” list. Drinking a pint of beer under mild jazz or hard rock, will you lose yourself on the exotic West Street?


                                                                                                                                                                           (Relax in the bars) 

No matter which country you are from and how old you are, you can always make friends with others in the bars and pubs here, even someone who just speak very little English. Trust me, the people relaxing on the West Street are always easy-going!


                                                                                                                                                                (Colourful nightlife in coloured bars)

In early 1980s, some western tourists found this cool place – Yangshuo, with amazing scenery and unique culture, and they never want to leave. Some of them married locals and now most of bars are run by them. You can therefore enjoy western style nightlife in an oriental county with people from around the world!  Are you attracted by the nightlife in Yangshuo now? Come on and join them!

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What You Can Do in Yangshuo?


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1. Cycling in YangShuo!

you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery as well as a tour of experience the Chinese rural customs.

2. Exploring caves in YangShuo

There are numerous caves in Yangshuo and Guilin.

The largest most exciting natural caves with large underground river.

no artificial man-made stalactite landscapes.

enjoy a mud bath and hot spring bath in a natural stone basin (bring your swimming suit).

Chinese Myth and legend about the caves in Yangshuo.

3. Rock Climbing

Over 300 climbing routes ranging in difficulty from 5.6 to 5.13.

a lot of climbing clubs in town The area around Guilin has distinctive Karst topography, while Yangshuo is the representative of the fancy Karst Mountains.

4. Bamboo Rafting.

Local people use them widely on daily basis up and down the river between houses, markets, and rice paddies.

Sitting on the reclining bamboo chair on the raft, you can enjoy an all around view of the natural, rural life down the river.


5. Kayaking
The river is so clear that allows you to see the cobbles on the riverbed, and fishes swimming in the water. water buffalos crossing the river through the weirs like walking on the river surface.

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Come with festivals in Yangshuo!


Travelling in Yangshuo you may keep yourself close with the beauty of the nature, however you can’t miss local customs and culture. Engaging into the local festivals is a great chance to to deep into Yangshuo and have great fun.

Here is the timeline of the festivals:

Traditional Festivals

May 8th Festivals in Fuli Town

June 23rd Festival in Baisha Town

August 15th Folk Song Singing Festival

September 19th Temple Fair in Xingping Town

October 10th October Sweetness in Puyi Town

New Festivals

November in the Gregorian calendar Li River Fishing Lights Festival

Beer Festival

Facing so many festivals, you may confused which one to choose,right? Let me recommend you two of them. One is tranditional festival, called Folk Song Singing Festival.


Every year on the night of August 15th in the lunar calendar, attractive young men and women of the Zhuang minority group will gather near the Moon Hill. Under the romantic moonlight, they sing dulcet folk music echoing expressions of love to each other. Singles can use this opportunity to find a potential lover by echoing their songs. This unique ritual is drawing more and more tourists every year.


Although you can not catch the lyric they sing, you must can receive the emotion and feeling. Even they would like to invite you to join them together. Why not just join the special music? It could make you gain a fantastic experience. Without Folk song, the trip of Yangshuo would lost its soul.

Another wounderful festival you must be interested in is beer festival.

West Streetis the ‘global village’ where many foreigners live and travel and is the reason why the western styled Beer Festival is held here. On the evening of the selected day, foreigners gather together to perform their own music and dances. The local people also present their traditional dances and the two groups intermingle in the spirit of fun. The beer drinking competition is the climax of the festival. All these activities and the mix of cultures give this festival an exciting and exotic flavor.



Walk into Ethnic Minority in Yangshuo and enjoy their festival!


You may know that China has a lot of ethnic minorities and Yangshuo is home to several ethnic minority groups, like Zhuang, Yao, Dong and Miao. Most people in Yangshuo are Zhuang nationality and are related to the Thai. They have their own language which is still spoken in some villages, although most local people speak a dialect of mandarin, known as Yangshuo hua (Yangshuo language). Not only different minority clothes you can see in Yangshuo, but also special language you might listen. Don’t worry! Not matter what ethnic minority they are; enthusiasm and hospitality would not stop the communication. You can’t miss the great chance to walk into ethnic minority!!!!


(Some Ethnic Minority Traditional Clothing Show)

Although they share many festivals with the Han, there still some special festivals for each ethnic minority themselves. It is worthy to taking the special experience when you are travelling in Yangshuo.

The Zhuang Ethnic Minority

The Ox Soul Festival usually held in early April to celebrate the birthday of the king of oxen and to show their love of the ox. People give the ox a bath while others beat drums. The Parents of a family give the ox glutinous rice and sing folksongs. The festival represents peoples’ hope for a good harvest.


The Devil Festival is usually held in July. It is an important festival, second only to the Spring Festival for the Zhuang people. On the eve of festival day, every family cleans and tidies their home. On that day, duck, pork and good wines along with some candy and fruits are offered to their ancestors.

The Miao Ethnic Minority


(A lady wearing the traditional jewelry of this ethnic group)

There is also a Rice Tasting festival to give thanks for the harvest. This is a good time to sample and view their traditional dishes. Each festival is celebrated with the Lusheng. The Lusheng is a kind of wind instrument which many of them play while dancing and singing.


(Miao ladies are dancing in the festival)

Ethnic minority is one of the distinguishing feature of travelling in Yangshuo. Walking into them you will fine different ‘Yangshuo’! I can’t wait anymore. What about you?

Useful tips for travelling in Yangshuo


Welcome to China! Welcome to explore Yangshuo! We are very happy to have this opportunity to provide you with this practical information for you to get some general ideas of Yangshuo before you come to visit us. The following are some tips for your China visit, we hope they will be helpful and you will enjoy your stay inYangshuo.

1. Proper Protocol & Etiquette

China is a large country with long history, but there are some things that must be kept in mind when visiting Yangshuo. The old expression “When in Rome do as the Romans do” also can be adapted to in China.

  •  Modesty:

Chinese people are inherently shy and modest. For example, Most Chinese couples do not kiss and hug in public. The most public display seen when saying hello or goodbye is generally a handshake, do not kiss or hug your Chinese friends or you may scare them!

  •  Photo taking:

It is really rude to take photos with out their consent. In some of the more touristy areas, Chinese restaurants, souvenir shops are not permitted to take photos. If you want to take photos of people, gesture with your camera with a big smile on your face will usually get you the photo you want.

  • Face:

The concept of “Face” in China is extremely strong. “Keeping face” is very important for Chinese “losing face” in public is unacceptable and can usually end in a fight. If you have some complaints or suggestions, you can tell Chinese personally instead of in public areas.

  • Learning some Chinese:

Learning some Chinese before you come to china will be helpful. Most Chinese can not speak English. If you can speak some Chinese, it will be easier to get directions and Chinese people will like you! Or you can just take a book around basic use of Chinese.

  • Respect the customs of local people:

Especially when you go to visit the areas of different minorities, ask your tour guides about the proper etiquettes, behaviors, manners and taboos to avoid offending people.

2. Necessary Travel Documents

  • A passport, valid for at least 6 month after your visit to China and the necessary visa or permits if you are traveling with our program. The visa should be approved prior to entering China.

  •  We suggest you take your medical record with you in case that you need it in the event of an emergency, and please also take with you your doctor’s name, address and phone number, emergency contact name and phone number, and your insurance company’s name, address and phone number.

3. Safety & Security – Tips

  •  Get as much information as possible from us about Yangshuo before you come here .

  • Make several copies of your passport, traveler’s checks, credit cards, itinerary, airline tickets and other travel documents. Take one copy with you and leave one copy with a relative or friend back home.

  • Be sure the door of your hotel room and window is closed and locked at all times, especially when you are not in the room.

4. Useful numbers:

Fire alarm: 119

Police: 110

Ambulance: 120

Transportation Accidents: 122

Telephone Number Inquiry: 114

Weather Forecast: 121

Consumer complaint: 12315

Tour Information Consultation: 0773-8827944

Medical Care

Yangshuo People’s Hospital: No. 28, Chengzhong Road, Yangshuo Town

Addresses of Post Offices

N0. 28, Pantao Road, Yangshuo Town

North Town Street, Fuli Town

No. 6, Rongtan Street, Xingping Town

China’s Global Village—Diversified Cuisines in Yangshuo


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What is the most impressive image of Yangshuo ?It may be the mix of eastern and western culture; the peaceful nature and the lively modern. The blended culture brings about a global banquet in Yangshuo.

(International tourists celebrate Chinese New Year in Yangshuo)

 Don’t be surprised when you find lines of western restaurants and cafes in Yangshuo.There are different styles of food in the town center. Tourist can easily find  their favorite one, and it will be satisfy your desire for food.

Many years ago, a group of American backpackers explored Yangshuo and were amazed at the original landscape and living style. Then more international tourists have visited during the past ten years.. Some of them spend a longer in this small eastern county, even get married with local people. It is a wonder that each year hundreds of thousands of foreigners come to the Yangshuo for sightseeing, work and study Chinese and at times.

As well, they have brought their western food. Burger, pizza and pasta.They run restaurant and cafes in the Western Street and provide the English services to all international customers. Every year, some foreigners come to work in the restaurant while learning  to cook Chinese food. Travelling for a long time in the East, you may feel sick for your own food. Look for it in Yangshuo.What a special experience it would be. Eat  in a Chinese village surrounded by the mountains.

(Rose Wood Cafe, a popular French Cafe in Yangshuo)

Without a doubt, tourists  would like to taste the real local food. Yangshuo food generally is categorized as  local snacks, specialties and  traditional rural dishes.The local cuisine is a combination of Cantonese and Hunanese cuisines with more use of spicies and sugers and often prepared using stir-frying or steaming. Fish, rice and field nails are the main ingredience in Yangshuo cuisine. Restaurants often assume westerners do not like spicy food and will make your food bland as hell if you do not insist otherwise.

Beer FishBeer Fish

An abundance of specialty snacks are also offered throughout the city by street vendors. One of these is Yangshuo ‘s famous rice noodles, a must try dish.

Chinese,Indian, French or Italian cuisine? It is too crucial to make the final decision in Yangshuo. The best choice is to stay here for a longer time. Wander in Yangshuo and enjoy the best food.

Weather In Yangshuo——When to Go?


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Spring, summer, autumn and winter, when is the best time of the year to visit Yangshuo? What kind of clothing you need to bring? Let’s explore the Yangshuo weather condition.

Yangshuo’s climate is subtropical and influenced by monsoon. The coldest month is January with an average temperature of 10°C (50°F) while the warmest time are from July to September with an average temperature of about 28°C (83°F). Therefore, the greatest time to visit Yangshuo is from April to October when the weather condition is comparatively mild with more pleasant scenery.

Spring in Yangshuo

Spring in Yangshuo is a quite good time of the year to visit. From April, the temperature warms up to 20°C (68°F). Normally the climate in April is dry and it is the time of the year when Yangshuo’s limestone mountains show some of its real gorgeousness. Clear skies and sunshine weather is great for a bicycle tour in Yangshuo.


Summer in Yangshuo

Summertime in Yangshuo is from June to August with temperatures vary from 25°C (77°F) to 35°C (95°F). To some people this period of time can be hot and steamy. Bamboo raft on Li Jiang River is good choice to avoid summer heat. Air-conditioning and fans are necessary during July and August, if you plan a journey during these two months, don’t forget your sunscreen lotion and a sun hat.


Autumn in Yangshuo

Yangshuo has quite good weather condition in September and October. You can choose rock climbing in autumn because the weather won’t be too hot or too cold. In Yangshuo you can find over 300 climbing routes. From November, the temperature drops from 20°C (68°F) to10°c (50°F) in December. It is still a relatively cool weather to picnic and barbecue.


Winter in Yangshuo

Winter is not the perfect time to traveling in Yangshuo. But if you just want relax yourself and clear your minds from exhausted and stressed work, you can still choose to come in winter, since there are less tourists during the winter time.


Tips: 1. If you come to Yangshuo during May and June, bring yourself an umbrella.

Tips: 2. Holidays for instance, Labor Day (May 1st – 7th) and National Day (October 1st – 7th) will have more tourists in Yangshuo, because these are China’s national holidays.