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If you are a backpacker in China, you shall never miss the experience of cycling in Yangshuo. 10 minutes pedalling away in any direction from town centre, you’ll find yourself in the heart of South China’s countryside, surrounded bwisps of smoke from chimneys.

I rented a bike in Yangshuo Cycling Club on the Western Street. A variety of bikes and routs are available to meet different requirements. Prices differ from your bikes. I determined to ride from Yangshuo to Buyang, where is 25 miles away.

No trip to Yanghshuo would be complete without cycling. Once on bike, the real journey begins, to explore the ultimate natural beauty of South China. Flat rural roads with lined bamboos will pave you way through the hills to the depth of the countryside. Chinese philosophy addressed the balance and harmony between humanity and nature. It is a journey between you and nature. Terraced field are scattered over the hills. I was totally purified by the magical Karst mountains and emerald waters.

Riding one hour along the road, I reached my destination–the unspoiled village—Buyang. Cattle populates the green grass; farmers with wide straw hat ploughing and sowing. And don’t forget the buffalo and cormorant–they are important characters in every typical scene of countryside life in China! Hearing from a folk song, I toss aside my bicycle, watched a bamboo raft drifting away. Is it a scene in Chinese ink painting? I believe so.

This trip to Buyang is really enjoyable and moderate covering only 25 miles. However, if you are more adventurous, challenge a steep track with more bends! I suggest getting a map or a local guide in your hostels first. Most of the local villagers are warm-hearted but unable to speak English. Don’t worry. Thanks to the bilingual road signs, it is difficult to get lost.

Just go and explore! Recharge your soul with cycling , and discover your emotional connection with nature!