There are a lot of different Chinese cuisines with well known and less well known recipes in Yanhagshuo. However, you can not taste all the delicious food When you are in Yangshuo. As I have been to Yangshuo several times and I can recommend you the best food, let us begin the table delicacies journey!

Yangshuo Rice Noodles

Yangshuo Rice Noodles have become popular across China. It is the favorite food among the local people because of its cheap price and delicious flavor. The noodles are healthy and made through high quality rice. These are always served with fragrant pork or beef flavored soup. All kinds of seasonings and extra ingredients can be added depending on your taste. But If you don’t like chilli, you should tell the chef in advance!

Fried Field Snail
Fried Field Snail is made from a sort of snail which is large and rich in meat. They are boiled with a special Chili Sauce, perilla leaf, and pork bones and then stir-fried with cooking oil, salt, ginger and cooking wine. It takes a special skill to get the meat out of the shell, but you will have fun and memorable experience to share with your friends when you go back.

Duck Stewed with Ginkgo Seed
If you take part in a Chinese formal dinner, you may see this dish appear on tables often. Main materials are old ducks and ginkgo seeds which are freshly yellowish olive shaped balls. The combination of them can relieve inflammation, making it not only a tasty dish, but a tonic dish.

Various western restaurants are avaliable in West Street if you prefer wood fire pizzas, great brown bread and other western dishes, so don’t worry!

Can you tell me what food you are most interested in or better ideas?