Last summer, my friends and I had the privilege of traveling to Yangshuo, which is an amazing place with sunny warm weather. Besides Yangshuo’s marvelous scenery, fantastic bars and exciting outdoor activities, if you like shopping, XiJie (West Street) is a place you cannot miss. It is in the center of Yangshou town and contains various kinds of cultural elements. You can find a lot of interesting stores on the both sides of the West Street. Yangshuo has various kinds of handicrafts, painted fans, embroidered balls, sculptured chopsticks, woodcarving and silver jewelry. Since many of my foreign friends ask me to recommend them some must-have products. I list my top3-must-buy products in Yangshuo.

WenHua Shan

If you love Chinese characters, you may love the WenHua Shan, a traditional tourist souvenir cotton T-shirt. We were fascinated by this kinds T-shirt because you can paint what you want on the T-shirt, beautiful Yangshuo scenery or favorite words in Chinese or English. It is definitely a great present for your friends at home!


Bamboo Products

The weather in Yangshuo is warm and wet; therefore, it is quite suitable for growing bamboo. Local people use bamboos make many interesting products, such as facial masks, puppets, and other little decoration. My foreign friends are crazy at those bamboo products; even we Chinese love it very much!


Painting Roll

If you ask me “what is your favorite souvenir in Yangshuo?” I would say “Definitely a painting roll!” In West Street, you can easily find many painting store. The one I love most is a store called Morningsun; in it you can find many beautiful painting rolls. Price for a painting roll may not be very cheap but we all know people are willing to pay for the art.