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What is the most impressive image of Yangshuo ?It may be the mix of eastern and western culture; the peaceful nature and the lively modern. The blended culture brings about a global banquet in Yangshuo.

(International tourists celebrate Chinese New Year in Yangshuo)

 Don’t be surprised when you find lines of western restaurants and cafes in Yangshuo.There are different styles of food in the town center. Tourist can easily find  their favorite one, and it will be satisfy your desire for food.

Many years ago, a group of American backpackers explored Yangshuo and were amazed at the original landscape and living style. Then more international tourists have visited during the past ten years.. Some of them spend a longer in this small eastern county, even get married with local people. It is a wonder that each year hundreds of thousands of foreigners come to the Yangshuo for sightseeing, work and study Chinese and at times.

As well, they have brought their western food. Burger, pizza and pasta.They run restaurant and cafes in the Western Street and provide the English services to all international customers. Every year, some foreigners come to work in the restaurant while learning  to cook Chinese food. Travelling for a long time in the East, you may feel sick for your own food. Look for it in Yangshuo.What a special experience it would be. Eat  in a Chinese village surrounded by the mountains.

(Rose Wood Cafe, a popular French Cafe in Yangshuo)

Without a doubt, tourists  would like to taste the real local food. Yangshuo food generally is categorized as  local snacks, specialties and  traditional rural dishes.The local cuisine is a combination of Cantonese and Hunanese cuisines with more use of spicies and sugers and often prepared using stir-frying or steaming. Fish, rice and field nails are the main ingredience in Yangshuo cuisine. Restaurants often assume westerners do not like spicy food and will make your food bland as hell if you do not insist otherwise.

Beer FishBeer Fish

An abundance of specialty snacks are also offered throughout the city by street vendors. One of these is Yangshuo ‘s famous rice noodles, a must try dish.

Chinese,Indian, French or Italian cuisine? It is too crucial to make the final decision in Yangshuo. The best choice is to stay here for a longer time. Wander in Yangshuo and enjoy the best food.