Travelling in Yangshuo you may keep yourself close with the beauty of the nature, however you can’t miss local customs and culture. Engaging into the local festivals is a great chance to to deep into Yangshuo and have great fun.

Here is the timeline of the festivals:

Traditional Festivals

May 8th Festivals in Fuli Town

June 23rd Festival in Baisha Town

August 15th Folk Song Singing Festival

September 19th Temple Fair in Xingping Town

October 10th October Sweetness in Puyi Town

New Festivals

November in the Gregorian calendar Li River Fishing Lights Festival

Beer Festival

Facing so many festivals, you may confused which one to choose,right? Let me recommend you two of them. One is tranditional festival, called Folk Song Singing Festival.


Every year on the night of August 15th in the lunar calendar, attractive young men and women of the Zhuang minority group will gather near the Moon Hill. Under the romantic moonlight, they sing dulcet folk music echoing expressions of love to each other. Singles can use this opportunity to find a potential lover by echoing their songs. This unique ritual is drawing more and more tourists every year.


Although you can not catch the lyric they sing, you must can receive the emotion and feeling. Even they would like to invite you to join them together. Why not just join the special music? It could make you gain a fantastic experience. Without Folk song, the trip of Yangshuo would lost its soul.

Another wounderful festival you must be interested in is beer festival.

West Streetis the ‘global village’ where many foreigners live and travel and is the reason why the western styled Beer Festival is held here. On the evening of the selected day, foreigners gather together to perform their own music and dances. The local people also present their traditional dances and the two groups intermingle in the spirit of fun. The beer drinking competition is the climax of the festival. All these activities and the mix of cultures give this festival an exciting and exotic flavor.