Welcome to China! Welcome to explore Yangshuo! We are very happy to have this opportunity to provide you with this practical information for you to get some general ideas of Yangshuo before you come to visit us. The following are some tips for your China visit, we hope they will be helpful and you will enjoy your stay inYangshuo.

1. Proper Protocol & Etiquette

China is a large country with long history, but there are some things that must be kept in mind when visiting Yangshuo. The old expression “When in Rome do as the Romans do” also can be adapted to in China.

  •  Modesty:

Chinese people are inherently shy and modest. For example, Most Chinese couples do not kiss and hug in public. The most public display seen when saying hello or goodbye is generally a handshake, do not kiss or hug your Chinese friends or you may scare them!

  •  Photo taking:

It is really rude to take photos with out their consent. In some of the more touristy areas, Chinese restaurants, souvenir shops are not permitted to take photos. If you want to take photos of people, gesture with your camera with a big smile on your face will usually get you the photo you want.

  • Face:

The concept of “Face” in China is extremely strong. “Keeping face” is very important for Chinese “losing face” in public is unacceptable and can usually end in a fight. If you have some complaints or suggestions, you can tell Chinese personally instead of in public areas.

  • Learning some Chinese:

Learning some Chinese before you come to china will be helpful. Most Chinese can not speak English. If you can speak some Chinese, it will be easier to get directions and Chinese people will like you! Or you can just take a book around basic use of Chinese.

  • Respect the customs of local people:

Especially when you go to visit the areas of different minorities, ask your tour guides about the proper etiquettes, behaviors, manners and taboos to avoid offending people.

2. Necessary Travel Documents

  • A passport, valid for at least 6 month after your visit to China and the necessary visa or permits if you are traveling with our program. The visa should be approved prior to entering China.

  •  We suggest you take your medical record with you in case that you need it in the event of an emergency, and please also take with you your doctor’s name, address and phone number, emergency contact name and phone number, and your insurance company’s name, address and phone number.

3. Safety & Security – Tips

  •  Get as much information as possible from us about Yangshuo before you come here .

  • Make several copies of your passport, traveler’s checks, credit cards, itinerary, airline tickets and other travel documents. Take one copy with you and leave one copy with a relative or friend back home.

  • Be sure the door of your hotel room and window is closed and locked at all times, especially when you are not in the room.

4. Useful numbers:

Fire alarm: 119

Police: 110

Ambulance: 120

Transportation Accidents: 122

Telephone Number Inquiry: 114

Weather Forecast: 121

Consumer complaint: 12315

Tour Information Consultation: 0773-8827944

Medical Care

Yangshuo People’s Hospital: No. 28, Chengzhong Road, Yangshuo Town

Addresses of Post Offices

N0. 28, Pantao Road, Yangshuo Town

North Town Street, Fuli Town

No. 6, Rongtan Street, Xingping Town