You may know that China has a lot of ethnic minorities and Yangshuo is home to several ethnic minority groups, like Zhuang, Yao, Dong and Miao. Most people in Yangshuo are Zhuang nationality and are related to the Thai. They have their own language which is still spoken in some villages, although most local people speak a dialect of mandarin, known as Yangshuo hua (Yangshuo language). Not only different minority clothes you can see in Yangshuo, but also special language you might listen. Don’t worry! Not matter what ethnic minority they are; enthusiasm and hospitality would not stop the communication. You can’t miss the great chance to walk into ethnic minority!!!!


(Some Ethnic Minority Traditional Clothing Show)

Although they share many festivals with the Han, there still some special festivals for each ethnic minority themselves. It is worthy to taking the special experience when you are travelling in Yangshuo.

The Zhuang Ethnic Minority

The Ox Soul Festival usually held in early April to celebrate the birthday of the king of oxen and to show their love of the ox. People give the ox a bath while others beat drums. The Parents of a family give the ox glutinous rice and sing folksongs. The festival represents peoples’ hope for a good harvest.


The Devil Festival is usually held in July. It is an important festival, second only to the Spring Festival for the Zhuang people. On the eve of festival day, every family cleans and tidies their home. On that day, duck, pork and good wines along with some candy and fruits are offered to their ancestors.

The Miao Ethnic Minority


(A lady wearing the traditional jewelry of this ethnic group)

There is also a Rice Tasting festival to give thanks for the harvest. This is a good time to sample and view their traditional dishes. Each festival is celebrated with the Lusheng. The Lusheng is a kind of wind instrument which many of them play while dancing and singing.


(Miao ladies are dancing in the festival)

Ethnic minority is one of the distinguishing feature of travelling in Yangshuo. Walking into them you will fine different ‘Yangshuo’! I can’t wait anymore. What about you?