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Impression liu sanjie(Lady Liu) is a creative lightening musical, with the world’s biggest

natural theater with mountains and water as the setting. This grand folk perfamance is directed by Zhang Yimou, a world-renowned Chinese film director.It is performed by local villagers and fishermen, particularly local minority groups as Zhuang and Yao.

The Chinese Famous Legend

The “Legend of Liu Sanjie” is well-known amid Chinese people. Liu Sanjie  is the singing goddess in the legend of ethnic group Zhuang.

In “Impresson—Sanjie Liu”, you won’t see the plots, the characters and the usual scenes, but rather a series of impressions, and those impressions are got from the landscapes and the ordinary life of the place, Because Sanjie Liu was born and bred from this magic land, her legend radiates the wonderful atmosphere of this place and naivety of the local people.

 The Perfomance

More than 600 actors who are local fishermen, will be dressed in different styles of Zhuang, Miao and Yao ethnic groups’ clothing, and will jointly sing folk songs, popular both at home and overseas. The magnificent background setting, artistic neon lighting, and celestial beauty of the show took the audiences’ breath away. The story is about a legendary figure Liu Sanjie who represents the beauty, love, and courage. Much has changed in the outside world, but people in this remote village are still singing the old songs… Time seems stagnant here.

Except for the perfect seven pictures, the performance also boasts both modern and classical music played by famous musicians of China. Additionally, there are in excess of 600 performers, all of whom are local people of the Li River. They present the reality of life for the people in Sanjie’s hometown through their primitive and wonderful performances.

The Natural Theater

The Lijiang Landscape Theater is located at the junction of the Li River and Tianjiahe River, facing the well-known shutong hill across the water. As audience of this theater , you can enjoy the performance(impression Sanjie Liu) in the stage stretched 2 kilometers long in the Li River with its degree angle-view. All lights and sound systems in the theater are designed by covert means, integrating with the nature. There are more than 2600 audience seats, among them, 2500 are ordinary seats, 100 are disguished guests, and 35 are vip seats.


 Mon. – Fri. the show normally starts at 20:00; weekends, Oct. 1 – Oct. 7 or the seven-day holidays during the Spring Festival, the show usually has two-time performances. The first time starts at 19:40, the second time starts at 21:00, but it may be in suspension in the heavy rain nights or before the month of the Spring Festival.

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