Gettting lost may lead to an another world. An very interesting view from a tourists. Nice pictures, touching stories.

Bottlecaps & Broken Bits

It was supposed to be sunny today, but there we were, huddled in a cave, and I could have been the victor of any wet-t-shirt contest this side of the Li River.

The rain was pounding. And wet. With big thick drops that will dominate your clothing in a matter of seconds.

We waited for a break then stepped back out into the gale, remounted our muddy bikes, and waded through the trail that had turned into a stream.

We were lost. Not completely — I did have my compass and knew which way the town was, but that’s no help when fields of rice and a river separated us from the town of Yangshuo. And we were too cheap, or stubborn, to rent out a bamboo raft to shuttle us and our gimpy bikes across the quickly rising river.

But, as with all these tales of getting lost, we…

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