How to Get to Yangshuo


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Yangshuo Airport and Airport to Yangshuo

Yangshuo is 70km (44 miles) from Guilin.You can take flights in more than 20 main cities in China to Guilin Liangjiang Airport. There are also international flights available for Bangkok of Thailand, Seoul of South Korea, and Fukuoka of Japan.

From Guilin Airport  to Yangshuo   

Take airport shuttle bus to Guilin and then take a Long distance bus to Yangshuo is the most economical way to go to Yangshuo from Guilin Airport. The price for airport bus or the airport shuttle is 20 RMB/per person.

The direct bus ticket is about 15 rmb/per person. You can take an air conditioned non-stop bus to Yangshuo, approximately every 30 minutes with a journey about 90 minutes.

Also, you can easily find a taxi when you arrive the airport.

Li River Cruise, Boat Trip to Yangshuo

Li river cruise is the highlight of Guilin tour. The boat trip on Li River is always a pleased thing. You can breathe the fresh air, feel gentle breeze and appreciate the fabulous landscape on both sides of Li River. It is one of China’s most famous scenic areas. The Li River Cruise is a must and the essential part of Guilin tour. The Zhujiang Pier is about 30 km away from Guilin. It is easy to book a local group to take the Li River Cruise.

Long-distance Bus

At present, the long distance buses from most cities in Guangdong Province to Guilin always stop at Yangshuo bus station. Therefore, if you use these buses, you can go to Yangshuo directly.

There are also daily nonstop sleeper coaches from many cities around the country to Yangshuo, such as Nanning, Beihai, Yulin, Qingzhou and Wuzhou in Guangxi Province as well as Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan in Guangdong Province.

Tip: the address of Yangshuo Bus Station: Pantao Road, Yangshuo County

From Railway Station

From Guilin Railway Station Guilin has two railway stations, the North Station and the South Station. The buses to Yangshuo generally start from the South Station. If you arrive at the North Station, it’s best to take the No. 18 city-bus to Weixiao Tang, and then No.11 to the South Station. Buses for Yangshuo depart every ten or fifteen minutes between 06:30 and 21:30. The fare is about CNY10 per person, the journey takes about 70 minutes.

Tip: A long distance bus from Hong Kong to Guilin is also available.


Basic information about Yangshuo

Yangshuo is a beautiful and sedate ancient county located in Guilin City China. The city has a history of more than 1,000 years. Some 1,600 years ago in the Jin Dynasty (265-420) the county seat was moved to Yangshuo from Xingping. The town borders the Li River on one side, and is situated on a small plain between a number of karst peaks.


Yangshuo is known for its natural beauty. Tourists in Yangshuo can swim in the Li River in summer. Rocking climbing is another popular activity among visitors. Climbing one of many nearby karst peaks is best choice for recreation and reunion. You also can hire a bicycle for a cycling trip through the karst scenery or arrange a sightseeing trip on the Li River by bamboo raft .At last , you can visit a number of local cave systems, including a butterfly cave.


Yangshuo Rock Climbing

There are more travel tips will be presented later~!



Fantastic Hotel in Yangshuo

Is it your first time to Yangshuo? You might not be sure which hotel to stay. Don’t worry. In Yangshuo there are a lot of hotels to meet your different needs and tastes. Not matter what you want, a luxury tour or economic vacation, there will be one of the hotels in Yangshuo can satisfy you, offering you a special experience. I can’t wait to recommend three different styles of hotels to you!

Nana Hotel


Great hotel special for couples going on honeymoon or having a romantic experience!

If you like elegant and western style decor, I think you can not escape of its romantic atmosphere. Each room has a luxury style bathtub (Fantastic! If you do enjoy a bubble bath in a commodious balcony!) and a king size bed featuring luxurious and sophisticated style. Hey, sweet couples, Nana is waiting for your attendance!

Inn of Flowers


Can you image a beautiful and big house full of different kinds of flowers? If you travel with your lover, I would sure that you will enjoy the romantic surroundings. How about a lone wolf? You will be intoxicated with happiness (yes you will have a sense of being in loved!). This is all because Inn of Flowers select and use flesh flowers to decorate the hotel and each room has its own theme and color scheme. In inn of flowers you will be surrounded by potpourri and in every corner you can smell the scent of flowers. Don’t forget homemade yogurt is a treat every morning! How can you miss such romantic experience?

The Paradise Resort Hotel

Locating by the lake make you feel like living in paradise. If you want to enjoy a luxury tour, you may like this international four star hotel.

YangShuo Shopping

Last summer, my friends and I had the privilege of traveling to Yangshuo, which is an amazing place with sunny warm weather. Besides Yangshuo’s marvelous scenery, fantastic bars and exciting outdoor activities, if you like shopping, XiJie (West Street) is a place you cannot miss. It is in the center of Yangshou town and contains various kinds of cultural elements. You can find a lot of interesting stores on the both sides of the West Street. Yangshuo has various kinds of handicrafts, painted fans, embroidered balls, sculptured chopsticks, woodcarving and silver jewelry. Since many of my foreign friends ask me to recommend them some must-have products. I list my top3-must-buy products in Yangshuo.

WenHua Shan

If you love Chinese characters, you may love the WenHua Shan, a traditional tourist souvenir cotton T-shirt. We were fascinated by this kinds T-shirt because you can paint what you want on the T-shirt, beautiful Yangshuo scenery or favorite words in Chinese or English. It is definitely a great present for your friends at home!


Bamboo Products

The weather in Yangshuo is warm and wet; therefore, it is quite suitable for growing bamboo. Local people use bamboos make many interesting products, such as facial masks, puppets, and other little decoration. My foreign friends are crazy at those bamboo products; even we Chinese love it very much!


Painting Roll

If you ask me “what is your favorite souvenir in Yangshuo?” I would say “Definitely a painting roll!” In West Street, you can easily find many painting store. The one I love most is a store called Morningsun; in it you can find many beautiful painting rolls. Price for a painting roll may not be very cheap but we all know people are willing to pay for the art.


Best cuisines in Yangshuo, China!

There are a lot of different Chinese cuisines with well known and less well known recipes in Yanhagshuo. However, you can not taste all the delicious food When you are in Yangshuo. As I have been to Yangshuo several times and I can recommend you the best food, let us begin the table delicacies journey!

Yangshuo Rice Noodles

Yangshuo Rice Noodles have become popular across China. It is the favorite food among the local people because of its cheap price and delicious flavor. The noodles are healthy and made through high quality rice. These are always served with fragrant pork or beef flavored soup. All kinds of seasonings and extra ingredients can be added depending on your taste. But If you don’t like chilli, you should tell the chef in advance!

Fried Field Snail
Fried Field Snail is made from a sort of snail which is large and rich in meat. They are boiled with a special Chili Sauce, perilla leaf, and pork bones and then stir-fried with cooking oil, salt, ginger and cooking wine. It takes a special skill to get the meat out of the shell, but you will have fun and memorable experience to share with your friends when you go back.

Duck Stewed with Ginkgo Seed
If you take part in a Chinese formal dinner, you may see this dish appear on tables often. Main materials are old ducks and ginkgo seeds which are freshly yellowish olive shaped balls. The combination of them can relieve inflammation, making it not only a tasty dish, but a tonic dish.

Various western restaurants are avaliable in West Street if you prefer wood fire pizzas, great brown bread and other western dishes, so don’t worry!

Can you tell me what food you are most interested in or better ideas?

Back to the Countryside: One Day Cycling in Yangshuo


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If you are a backpacker in China, you shall never miss the experience of cycling in Yangshuo. 10 minutes pedalling away in any direction from town centre, you’ll find yourself in the heart of South China’s countryside, surrounded bwisps of smoke from chimneys.

I rented a bike in Yangshuo Cycling Club on the Western Street. A variety of bikes and routs are available to meet different requirements. Prices differ from your bikes. I determined to ride from Yangshuo to Buyang, where is 25 miles away.

No trip to Yanghshuo would be complete without cycling. Once on bike, the real journey begins, to explore the ultimate natural beauty of South China. Flat rural roads with lined bamboos will pave you way through the hills to the depth of the countryside. Chinese philosophy addressed the balance and harmony between humanity and nature. It is a journey between you and nature. Terraced field are scattered over the hills. I was totally purified by the magical Karst mountains and emerald waters.

Riding one hour along the road, I reached my destination–the unspoiled village—Buyang. Cattle populates the green grass; farmers with wide straw hat ploughing and sowing. And don’t forget the buffalo and cormorant–they are important characters in every typical scene of countryside life in China! Hearing from a folk song, I toss aside my bicycle, watched a bamboo raft drifting away. Is it a scene in Chinese ink painting? I believe so.

This trip to Buyang is really enjoyable and moderate covering only 25 miles. However, if you are more adventurous, challenge a steep track with more bends! I suggest getting a map or a local guide in your hostels first. Most of the local villagers are warm-hearted but unable to speak English. Don’t worry. Thanks to the bilingual road signs, it is difficult to get lost.

Just go and explore! Recharge your soul with cycling , and discover your emotional connection with nature!

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